blended earl grey iced tea latte in glasses

Froot Loop Blended Iced Latte

Have you ever noticed that Earl Grey tea resembles the childhood taste of delicious fruit loops? Well if you haven't, you will now! Our Earl Grey Classic blend is one of the most popular teas in the Sloane Collection, and is a staple in any tea lover’s collection. 

The Earl Grey Classic here at Sloane features a black tea cloaked with Italian bergamot. It is a full bodied tea, but very smooth with a distinct citrus character, much like that fruit loop flavour that we all know and love. For those who don’t know, bergamot is a citrus fruit originating in Sicilly. The oil is carefully extracted using ancient techniques, and has been used in Earl Grey blends since the 1830’s! It has even been known to help combat depression, stress, fear and anxiety, and we strongly believe in the power of this uplifting scent to start off your morning right. 

So where do the fruit loops come in? We love to see what our retailers all over the country and beyond are doing with their Sloane Tea blends, concocting everything from tea-infused macarons, tea smoothies, cocktails and tea lattes! Today we are sharing a delicious recipe from Kyle Ratchford, a Barista at Happy Goat Coffee located in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Kyle has developed this amazing cereal-inspired blended iced latte, and we're thrilled to have his recipe on the blog - think of it as a tea iced capp, but even better! 

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earl grey tea tin over froot loops


¼ cup Vanilla sugar 

¼ cup Powdered milk 

¼ cup Coffee whitener 

4 teaspoons Sloane Earl Grey Classic 

16 oz cup of ice 


Fruit Loops for rim and garnish 

brass spoon filled with earl grey loose leaf teaearl grey tea concentrate in glass jar


Start by making a jar of cold-steeped Earl Grey Classic concentrate. Add 4 teaspoons of tea to a refillable teabag, like the Sloane Filters we carry online. Place in a jar keeping the tag outside the rim, fill with 2 cups of cold water. Place this in the fridge overnight and remove the teabag. 

The next step is rimming your glasses in preparation for the blended iced latte. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of honey in 2 tablespoons boiling water. Use a mortar and pestle to grind a handful of Fruit Loops into a colourful dust (we used only the pink and purple ones to create this colour rim). Spin the glasses rim in the honey water then in the cereal dust. 

In a blender, combine the first three dry ingredients with the tea concentrate and 16 oz cup of ice. Blend until smooth, pour into cups and enjoy on a hot summer day! 

hands crushing froot loops in mortar and pestleice cub trays with froot loop pile nearbybowls of powder ingredients and crushed froot loopsblender filled with blended earl grey classic iced teaearl grey blended iced tea lattes in glassesblended earl grey iced tea in glass with strawsperson presenting glass of earl grey blended iced tea