Join the Sloane TEAm!

Sloane Tea is a Toronto-based wholesale boutique tea company. We service both retail and food service clientele. Our mission is to inspire and connect people through a ritual that allows them to sip, savour and share in the moment. We source the highest quality teas in fresh batches, blended to exacting standards and beautifully presented to imbue a sense of luxury into the everyday tea experience.


About the Role:
The Administrative Assistant & Receptionist is the first point of contact on the phone and is thereby the “ambassador of first impressions.” You will represent the tone, enthusiasm, and voice of professionalism of Sloane. You are the person who handles the fundamental day-to-day processes on a routine basis including paperwork, follow-ups, and administrative tasks. This requires diligence and a strong attention to detail to ensure the office functions without issue. You must have the ability to communicate effectively and eloquently both over the phone and through e-mail. A sense of urgency in problem solving is especially critical. Most of your day will be spent at your desk on your computer answering the phone. You will be working out of our office/warehouse at 60 Wagstaff Drive in Leslieville, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Ideally you are:
Toronto based 
Computer and tech savvy 
Bilingual and can speak French 

Company Culture & Sloane Perks: 
Endless supply of tea to drink at work! 
Newly renovated office and warehouse space

Sloane is made up of people who are “all-in.” We have a family-like team who step-in when necessary to help one another out.

Salary: $30,000 - $40,000 based on experience

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Please DO NOT call the office or contact alternative e-mails.