ingredients for tea infused eggnog

Tea Infused Celebration Medley Eggnog

Tea’s the season at Sloane, and we’re in the spirit to slow the pace and embrace the times. Whether it be hosting an elaborate holiday dinner, getting together with friends or simply getting cozy by the fire, there is no better way to savour a moment than curled up with cup of holiday cheer. This time, we chose eggnog.

Festive and decadent, we teamed up with Kyle Ratchford of Happy Goat Coffee to bring you a sweet retreat from the holiday rush. Warm, creamy and full of spice, this take on a seasonal classic really embraces the spirit of the season. 

No matter the menu, the perfect drink pairing can make all the difference. Cut the fuss with this creamy twist on a wintertime staple.

Here is what you’ll need:

4 oz Eggnog

4 oz 2% Milk

2 oz Water

2 tsps Sloane Tea’s Celebration Medley

1 Cinnamon Stick (Optional)

1 tsp of Powdered Cinnamon


      Using a filter or infuser, steep 2 teaspoons of Celebration Medley in 2oz of boiling hot water.
      TIP: If you love cinnamon as much as we do, we suggest you add a cinnamon stick to your steep. Not only will
      it look stunning, but it will extract some spectacular flavours from the tea

     Combine milk and eggnog and warm over medium/high heat. Pour carefully into spiced tea.

     For optimal punch, sprinkle a pinch of dried cinnamon over the froth

     Let cool to desire and enjoy!

Celebration Medley tea infused eggnog